Zombie Wedding BridePerhaps a little late for Halloween but we came across this article on the Fangoria website (for those ghoulish readers among you!). We were fascinated to see that Scott Spiegel, co-writer of Evil Dead II and writer/director of the cult slasher flick Intruder, has written and will direct ZOMBIE WEDDING, a ghoulish genre movie that is in equal parts romantic, comedic and horrific.

The plot follows a couple of young horror lovers who decide to hold a zombie-themed wedding on Halloween night only to have “real” flesh-eating ghouls crash their celebration! Now we have experienced some bizarre wedding shoots in our time, but this is one we can safely say we hope we will never experience!

It was interesting to note that in the course of the writer’s research he was surprised to find an assortment of true-life living-dead nuptials on YouTube and in Las Vegas, which inspired him further.

It is true to say that zombies and vampires are great box office at the moment, but we were also surprised at the findings that many people do have themed weddings of this kind.

From his internet research, Spiegel’s concept came together and what makes it more chilling is that the wedding guests dressed up as zombies will not be able to tell the difference between fake and real zombies – scary stuff.

An added twist to the plot is that the wedding couple are also taking part in a TV reality show so when the real zombies attack the fake zombie wedding guests on screen the viewing public think it is all part of the show and find it entertaining and funny! With twists and turns all the way, there is no doubt that Zombie Wedding will be a box office smash as there are so many fans of this particular genre of movie.

Humorous situations will be juxtaposed with truly gory twists and turns as the real zombies begin to devour the wedding guests with the carefully chosen wedding cutlery as they sit with them at guest tables. No doubt, it will be a riotous scream fest for those with strong stomachs and a taste for the macabre.

We wish them well with the film, which is currently being bid for by several studios so it is quite likely we will be seeing it on our screens soon. It seems as though the plot is slightly more intelligent than your average zombie movie and if it harnesses the humour of Shaun of the Dead, then it could just be worth a look at when it comes out.

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We have no objection to dressing up as zombies as long as we can still film comfortably but at the first sight of wedding guests devouring each other – we are out of there!