Wedding Video SongsI’ve decided to start a search for the most popular wedding video song. Personally one of my favourites is Never Tear Us Apart by INXS because a) it evokes all of the emotions of binding love between two people and b) it is a great song.

Wedding songs are an important factor when considering your wedding video. Your wedding video is the key tool when reminiscing or showing off to others how your special day went. Therefore you want the wedding video music to capture the loving mood and tone that was present on your wedding day. People will often ask for the songs that were present at the ceremony or reception to be reproduced on the wedding video to best capture those moments.

When searching on the internet I’ve come across many top 10 lists for wedding video music but they are all so different. Two examples of top 10 lists of wedding songs for ceremonies can be seen here and here. They don’t share a single common song. Now, I know this is for wedding ceremonies rather than wedding videos, but, as I’ve just said, songs on wedding videos are often taken from the ceremony.

There’ll never be a definitive top 10 wedding song list because people’s tastes vary so much, but I want to produce my own list, specific to wedding videos, finding out which wedding video song is most popular with you, my readers. The way I’ll do this is to get you to register your favourite wedding video songs. To register a vote for a particular wedding song simply comment on this post with the name of the song(s) …and also link to its video on youtube if you like!

I’ll keep an eye on what’s hot and after a certain amount of time, if we manage to get enough ‘votes’ I’ll implement a widget on the website to display the most popular wedding video songs.