Wedding Video HerefordshireHow much time have you spent planning your big day?  You might have been dreaming about it since you were knee-high and actually making arrangements for it for months or even years.


There are so many things that feature on a wedding essentials checklist; from photographer to venue, cake to cars, not to mention the dress, but something that often doesn’t get considered is the possibility of recording the day on film with a wedding video.


We’ve met a number of couples over the years who’ve decided on a wedding video at the last minute, some even who have been lucky enough to receive a wedding video as a gift and every one has been relieved and delighted that they had their day recorded in this way.


When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  You are probably spending a fair but of money on your wedding, it’s a day when all your friends and family are in one place and you only get to do it once.  Having just the photographs to look back on is a shame when, for the same price, you could also have a wedding video to relive the memory of the day over and over again.


Our wedding videos are unobtrusive and edited to a backdrop of your favourite music.  Feedback we’ve received from couples has been wonderful and the theme is that the wedding video gets watched again and again, shown to family and friends and of course, generations to come.


Would you love to see a video of your parents’ wedding?  I know I would.  Think about a wedding video for your marriage and you can show your children and grandchildren your wedding for years to come.


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