Wedding rose and ribbonWhat is wedding videography? It seems obvious, certainly to me, being a wedding videographer (see definition half way down on home page), but it is a question I get asked.

Well, let’s split it up:
Videography is the art of capturing moving image on to electronic media and then post producing what’s been captured on film to produce a format suitable for the audience.
…And we all know what a wedding is!

So together, ‘wedding videography‘ is the art (and it is an art!) of capturing the beauty of a wedding on to ‘video’. -I say video in inverted commas as this obviously counts for all formats, including DVD and Blu-ray as well.

Having initially recorded the relevant parts on to the video camera the videographer then takes the raw material to post production where it is edited down and presented to the Bride, Groom, family and friends as the completed ‘wedding movie’ or ‘wedding film’.

There are many different styles adapted within wedding videography, from the more journalistic documentary-style through traditional (almost unedited), short form, storytelling (more dramatised) to the cinematic wedding video (where a movie encapsulating moods and dramatic effects is created to produce a film that engages more with a general viewer).

Of course, within these general styles many other sub-styles can be found, and every good wedding videographer has their own style. So there you have it, wedding videography in a nutshell.