wedding videography
Noun: The process or art of making video films

The person who uses the art of videography is called a videographer and it is his or her role that properly explains what videography is all about.

The term videographer refers to a someone who records videos on a professional basis, for film, TV, or Internet broadcasting.

A videographer may be self-employed or employed as part of a studio or production team.

On large projects, such as feature films, a videographer will work closely with the film director as part of the production crew and his title will be the more film centric cinematographer. For smaller productions, such as independent documentaries, weddings, commercials, and corporate events, videographers tend to work alone or with a lighting technician.

Videography utilises many technical processes and a videographer must be experienced in these skills, which include, shooting and editing video tape, lighting, and sound. Videographers on smaller projects use media such as disk, tape, and live broadcast. The term shooting or filming refers mostly to digital cameras where the footage records direct to DVD or a memory card.

When it comes to weddings, a specialist wedding videographer is essential for achieving the right results to suit you. He or she needs to be creative and appreciate the subtle nuances of aesthetics yet be highly skilled technically. Every videographer has a different technique and approach so it is important for the bridal couple to choose the right one. Some videographers have a contemporary style, which may not suit a traditional wedding, and others have a traditional style, which may not suit an avant-garde couple looking for something different. Above all, you must be able to communicate with your videographer. Nobody wants to deal with a highly-strung film noir exponent on his or her wedding day!

All good videographers are proud to show their work so you can see if their style suits you. Discuss your style preferences ahead of time and give the videographer a timeline and rough storyboard. In return, he or she will make suggestions and you can come up with a brief that suits.  Find out what camera and audio equipment will be used because this can determine the finished quality. Are there wireless microphones, lighting and high definition cameras? Some videographers will want to interact with the wedding party and others will discreetly film in a “fly on the wall” style.

Videography also includes editing and reconfiguring the footage from the event filmed. There may be short edits to allow footage to be shown at the wedding reception as well as a full cinematic post-production with music and film effects. Within moments of a shot, an uploaded You Tube clip can be available for absent guests and relatives.

Videography is an essential part of weddings and the resulting film is a life long treasured keepsake of the important day. This is why your choice of videographer is so important, choose wisely and be a star for the day.