The Wedding Video Tells the StoryA wedding videographer has to be good storyteller as well as being technically and artistically excellent! So many factors go into creating a great wedding video such as lighting, sound, video quality, camera stability, and being a good editor. One factor that very few people look into when hiring a wedding videographer for their wedding, is the editing factor. For some people, editing is where they think the wedding videographer is short changing them on the amount of video they will be receiving while others appreciate that the editing is the a most critical factor to ensure the finished product is a beautiful, elegant, graceful, romantic and exciting video.

Editing can take hours of video shot in no particular sequence and organise and polish the footage into a feature film telling the story of the wedding day. It is also where the soundtrack and special effects are added to introduce a touch of drama or mood into the overall finish. The video editor has to take all of these screen shots and create the story and mood of the wedding day using his or her skills.

For example when a wedding video is in the edit stage, we remove any mistakes or any film we are requested to remove and then frame out the events, which on the real timeline of the day may have occurred differently. The speeches may have been made between the courses of the meal or between dancing and other events but for the video, all speeches will be edited so they form one part of the wedding film where toasts, speeches and sound bites from friends and loved ones are together and can be enjoyed as a chapter of your special story. It is this kind of shaping and forming a wedding videographer has to be good at to produce top class results every time.

The wedding video has to flow properly and be an end product that can be watched and enjoyed that moves from one part of the wedding to another seamlessly. We are often are asked for special requests or to add particular types of effects such as sepia or black and white, as well as the music soundtrack. Often, wedding couples like to have bloopers or an out takes section at the end of the main wedding video event. This little video section as the credits roll can add a comical touch for added enjoyment; it really depends on the couple and nature of the bloopers!

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