Gangnam Style now being shot a lot by Wedding VideographersModern Weddings are all about turning tradition on its head and personalising every element of the day to suit the bride and groom. As wedding videographers, it is our job to keep up with the trends and adapt our style to suit the type of wedding we are filming.

These days almost anything goes from having to film “Gangnam Style” dance routines to weddings in unusual venues.

Decoration of wedding venues is just one area where it can be challenging for wedding videographers. Wedding decoration is using more special effect lighting than ever before.

Many couples are realising that their reception venues that have been painstakingly put together with table centrepieces, chair covers, table linen, and flowers look wonderful for a few daylight hours, but once the lights go down, all of the effort fades out to nothing.

Many decorators are turning to LED lights to transform the look of the reception room. The walls can then become a colourful canvas and even reflect your wedding colours. Lighting can be used to highlight certain elements such as the top table, cake centrepiece and even to highlight table centrepieces. This spot lighting gives an ambience that can be maintained throughout the evening without the lights going up and down every so often for events, speeches, and so forth.

Another decorative twist is the gobo light where a picture or pattern is projected onto a flat surface. This can give the impression that the whole wedding reception is taking place underwater or even snowing indoors. Perhaps you fancy a starlit night – the possibilities are endless with lighting of this kind, but it presents challenges to wedding videographers although we use special techniques ourselves to capture the scene.

The era of Facebook and other social media has changed the face of wedding photography and videography in recent years. It has become very cinematic and documentary style. Whereas once upon a time news was something to read about in the newspapers or to watch on television, these days everyone has personal news that they broadcast through means like Facebook. Consequently, the more formal poses and portraits of wedding days have become less formal. People want more engagement, and more fun in videos and photographs. To keep things natural we have a few tricks up our sleeve but we are not telling!

Couples often want a love story video to be shown at the reception and this can be a fantastic backdrop, which enhances the more modern décor with lighting effects. We use tasteful music tracks or even the couple’s own selection and use an edit of the day’s events using lots of cuts to close up detail and faces of family and friends. It is this form of filming and editing that gives wedding videos a film-style look.

Because we love what we do, we welcome the ever evolving wedding customs, décor, and styles and enjoy anything different. Our expertise and skill allows us to weigh up situations and find the right way to film. Moreover, we offer what is probably the best value wedding video package offered by wedding videographers in the UK at just £995.00 filmed in the style of your choice.