The Wedding VideoWe cannot wait to see the new feature film “The Wedding Video” on DVD (having unfortunately missed it in the cinema!). It may seem like a busman’s holiday but from what we have seen of the reviews so far it looks like a very funny and entertaining evening is going to be in store. It also will give you a taste of how NOT to video your wedding and hope anyone thinking of having their wedding filmed will give us a call for a professional, affordable wedding video to remember.

There have been quite a lot of wedding films of late and it really began with Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is the benchmark of this genre of romantic wedding themed comedy.

The Wedding Video is directed by Nigel Cole and is filmed in a ‘caught on camera’, fly-on-the-wall approach that is ideal for this quintessentially English entertainment. The sense of humour is uniquely British and it has all the ingredients we are told that are peculiar to English weddings including aspirational mother of the bride, dragon-like mother in law, posse of drunken groomsmen and assorted wedding guests

The story follows thus. Raif (Rufus Hound) returns from travelling to attend his older brother Tim’s (Robert Webb) wedding. He decides as a gift to his brother to make a wedding video as a gift. Armed and dangerous with a video camera, joker Raif decides to make a ‘warts-and-all’ wedding video for the wedding couple. He discovers the bride-to-be is the school rebel Saskia (Lucy Punch) who he used to have a crush on. As wedding stress is followed by even more wedding stresses and disasters, the big day is looking fraught by anyone’s reckoning.

The narrator is the Best Man who comments as the wedding cascades out of control, his camera picking up the casualties along the way. Harriet Walter plays the controlling mother of the bride and hijacks the wedding for a gratuitous display of nouveau riche wealth with her critical mother played by Miriam Margoyles – a fantastic comedy pairing.

The trailers we have seen so far are hilarious so we cannot wait to see the film in its entirety.

On a more serious note, this film typifies why it is not the best idea in the world to ask a friend or member of the wedding party to film your wedding video. It is fine for some casual footage but it will not be a chronological professionally edited quality finish and may end up missing out some vital parts of the wedding, which can never be recaptured again. Contact us to discuss our affordable wedding video packages and keep the wedding video disasters to the world of movies.