wedding video editing skills

Wedding Invitations are a key part of the build up to your wedding and you may have an invitation style or colour scheme in mind.

But if you are looking for something a little different from the norm or if you’ve been puzzling over how to send invitations to relatives living overseas you may want to follow the advice of Somesh Bharadwaj  who filmed and sent his sister’s wedding invitations via video.


The possibilities are endless and could involve anything from pre recording your wedding video invitation to inviting guests real-time via Skype.  For added touches you could record your video message in front of your venue or use a backdrop that suits the style and theme of your day.

For more information about Somesh’s wedding video invitations take a look at the following article.

When planning your wedding why not consider a wedding video of your special day from Wedding Video Solutions.  We could even include your wedding video invite in the final edit!