Wedding video ideas for the ceremonyWedding video ideas these days range from the traditional to the unusual. Thankfully as wedding videographers with the latest equipment and depth of experience, not much surprises us and an unusual wedding ceremony is always welcome.

We take great care to utilise extra camera angles and shots to capture the essence of the moment and the end product will result in a professional and creative wedding video, which stands streets ahead of the competition.

With the expansion of venues where wedding ceremonies can be celebrated, there is more choice than ever for brides and grooms who want to opt for something a little bit different.

In the UK, The Marriage Act of 1994 has extended the scope of venues to get married by permitting civil marriages be celebrated at a place other than a registry office. This opened up the floodgates for romantic venues such as fairytale castles, stately homes, and public buildings to be licensed for marriage celebrations.

There are restrictions laid down on the ceremony premises to which they must adhere. Licences will only be granted to places with public access so your own home cannot be used for example. Open spaces such as parks and gardens are not permitted which given English weather is probably quite sensible! Unless the boat or aeroplane of your choice is permanently moored, forget about using it for your wedding! The building must be non-religious and must be deemed fit and suited to a wedding ceremony. No hymns, religious readings or music are permitted. Nevertheless, for those couples who choose to marry in a civil ceremony, wedding video ideas come thick and fast, as many castles and older buildings are natural film sets for fantastic wedding video background.

For those couples choosing a religious ceremony, any church, temple, or chapel will have aspects of beautiful architecture, religious art, tall ceilings, and spectacular altars all of which contribute to the beauty of the wedding day.

Wedding Video Ideas

Dancing down the Aisle

One wedding video idea that I was delighted by was the sight of the bridesmaids who danced down the aisle ahead of the bride scattering rose petals and laying small posies at the altar to the tune of a dreamy Irish air. Aged from six to eight years, these bridesmaids wore their little Irish dancing shoes under their bride’s maid dresses as they daintily skipped down the aisle. This made a joyful and happy sequence in the finished wedding video making it extra special.

This idea could be adapted for all types of weddings to send younger bridesmaids and pageboys down the aisle to herald the bride’s entrance.

Of course there is always the option of the crazy wedding dance routine of which many examples may be found on youtube.


Whether you are choosing a church or other venue, music is something that gives any occasion atmosphere and you may have commissioned a special song to be sung or just want the haunting strains of a playing harpist. This natural accompaniment at the beginning of the wedding ceremony as guests are taking their seats gives a beautiful natural soundtrack to the wedding video and shots of the musicians can be incorporated into the film. This is even more special when the music is played by close friends or loved ones.


Castles and Stately homes cry out for a real entrance from bride and groom. This is where a bridal couple have carte blanche to make their entrance. The grounds of many castles, grand hotels, and stately homes have many acres of land, from formal gardens, wild forest, and lakes. This gives a bride the opportunity to arrive by boat to be greeted by her groom on the lakeshore before processing to the marriage room. The couple may arrive on horseback at the steps of a castle accompanied by a falconer for a medieval touch. The groom could even arrive by helicopter.

Register Signing Entertainment

To fill the gap while the bridal couple are signing the register, there is often an entertainer to sing or play to the wedding guests until the bride and groom are ready to leave the church or marriage room. This is a great wedding video idea, as the music also provides the soundtrack for the register signing giving a memorable touch to the finished wedding video. It is also an opportunity for the wedding videographer to film any detail of the ceremony venue to use in the final edit.