Wedding Video Editing SuiteTo be a good wedding videographer you have to be a good storyteller and exceptional wedding video editor. There are many factors that go into creating a great wedding video such as lighting, sound, video quality and camera stability but when all the raw material is “in the can”, being a good wedding video editor is what makes or breaks a video.

The editing end of a film seems to most people a very technical and complicated process consisting of cutting and slicing pieces of film together and some couples may feel short changed if five hours of footage have been shot but their wedding video is only a two hour feature.

A wedding video editor not only has to be a technician but also an artistic and creative person also. Editing video is much more than electronic image surgery.

Think of some wedding videos you have seen that were not put into the hands of a skilled wedding video editor. The video is probably pleasant, follows the day from beginning to end with abrupt stops, and starts between each sequence. The end result is a compilation of sound and pictures that is better than still photos but leaves an awful lot to be desired.

If you trust your wedding videography to an experienced cinematographer and wedding video editor the end result of your wedding video will be quite different. If the same raw footage were put into the ands of a skilled wedding video editor, the resulting video would tell the story of the culmination of the romance leading up to the wedding day narrated by key family members and convey real emotion. It would capture and convey to the viewing audience the couple’s wedding day emotions of love, and joy and appreciation for one another and family, anticipation of the new life the couple intends to create together, and a little sadness for the life they are forever leaving behind. A skilled wedding video editor will use his or her craft so the video becomes a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Video editing is an art form. Editing is arguably the most important element or video production. It is in the editing, the art of arranging pictures and dialog and sounds, that your wedding video editor is able to communicate a story just as you the wedding couple envisioned. You will recognise a professional job by its effortless and seamless footage combined with tasteful special effects and soundtrack.

When you are choosing your wedding videographer, make sure they are a first class wedding video editor as well. Take time to view their show reels and example videos and then you can discuss what you like about them and how editing techniques can be applied to your own special video. Talk to our professional videographers and wedding video editor, we welcome your call and are happy to discuss all aspects of your wedding video.