wedding video editing skillsWhen it comes to your wedding video, only a videographer with top wedding video editing skills will do. Editing is the vital component of any film or video. Productions such as documentaries, television shows, advertisements, music videos rely on the importance of editing for a successful result. The same is true of a wedding video.

When hiring your wedding videographer, you should expect nothing less than the best, people who have passion and create dramatic and aesthetically pleasing art. After all, this is the most important day of a wedding couple’s life. Naturally, to a videographer with top wedding video editing skills, technical details like composition, contrast, and lighting are second nature.

Think of your wedding videographer the same as you would a cinematographer, one makes films and another makes videos. We have all experienced terrible movies at the cinema and great ones too. Choose wisely because a great videographer with superb wedding video editing skills will deliver a blockbuster of a wedding video.

Video editing has the same fundamentals as movie or television editing. There is continuity, different rhythms and change ups – like a rollercoaster but without the screaming! The analogy is only to suggest what we may use technically when editing. Some situations may call for smooth fades between shots, others may need cut backs between camera angles and other scenes slowed down to accentuate dramatic effect while others remain as they are in real time. This is the way we pull together a cohesive wedding video.

Some wedding videographers are guilty of going over the top with special effects. We believe that if you do not see the effect in a cinematic blockbuster on the big screen then we are unlikely to use any edit techniques that are less than professional. This does not mean you will be seeing a full star ship battalion coming into view anytime soon (although we aim to please!). We want your video to be professional so we leave the cheesy effects to others. Oh, and the bad filming.

Our point is that we have high standards and take pride in our wedding video editing skills. We take your wedding video very seriously. All of our work is treated as though we are making a world-class television documentary or film so you can be guaranteed the video you asked for. We stand by our wedding videos and encourage input from our bridal couples. We will happily return to a video for editing changes if the bride and groom want them.

Personal choice is important when it comes to music and although we have our own music that we painstakingly fit to the video based on the bride and grooms personalities, we welcome a list of music from bridal couples who quite rightly want their own special songs included in the edit.

Our video edits are produced onto standard DVD or Blu-Ray and we can provide a format suitable for social media.