wedding hen pamper
Wedding hen parties are usually organised for women who are about getting married.

The term, hen party is very common in Ireland and in the United Kingdom while hens’ party is common in New Zealand and Australia.

There is also another term ‘bachelorette party’ which also refers to the same party as hen party.

In South Africa, it is called Kitchen tea or girls’ night out.

The party is a replica of the bachelor party or stag do, traditionally organised for the groom by his best man before the day of his wedding.

The hen party is organised for the bride–to–be in such a way that is common to the girl’s social circle. There are numerous entertainment ideas that can be selected depending on the initiatives of the organisers of the party and what they think the guest of honor (bride-to–be) would be pleased with. There is a broad notion that the hen party is usually a night of drunken decadence. However, the bash is often a very much organised affair and seen as an occasion for female bonding. It is an understood rule that whatever program and leisure being planned, it should positively not endanger, embarrass or humiliate the bride-to-be or the guests.

The common things that take place during these events are majorly cocktail parties and dinner parties where guests offer intimate advice to the bride-to-be and also encourage her on her marital journey. Based on the financial means of the group involved, they may hold the affair in a private venue like the home of the hostess. Many hostesses may choose to pick a themed party like a pamper party where the guests indulge in spa treatments.

Some hen parties are also organised in public venues such as bars or restaurants. Some may arrange the party as a mini holiday to other cities in the UK or some other party cities around the world. Some others organise daylight picnics or other such outings with their friends. The party can be organised by the bride or her friends and women are the only gender expected in such event. The expenditure for the entertainment may be borne by the bride-to–be or the organiser of the party. It is also worth mentioning that the bride’s participation in this event is not compulsory and some brides may opt out of the party, leaving it as more of a chance for her friends from various circles to get to know each other before the wedding. Though this is less common. The most popular items to make the whole event a success are spa treatments and pampering days.