You may have seen wedding videos floating around the internet over the last few years where something a little different happens. Whether it’s the first dance to Dirty Dancing, Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Gary Barlow making a surprise appearance to sing – there are a tonne of imaginative additions to weddings (and wedding videos!) these days.

This recent video of guests performing the Haka at a New Zealand wedding is one of the most moving we’ve seen. Performed to the letter, with emphasis on tradition and emotion, it’s not surprising the bride is moved to tears.

It’s great to see so many guests involved and the quiet respect of those not taking part. Honouring heritage in this way is something that seems lost in much of today’s society.

The video features the Maori dance at the wedding of Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong and Ms Armstrong, 21, told the BBC she was “blown away” by the performance.

She said the haka was a sign of respect from her husband’s best man and family not, as some have commented online, an attempt to intimidate him.

A haka – with its shouting, body-slapping and exaggerated facial expressions – is used in traditional Maori culture as a war cry to intimidate the enemy, but also to welcome special guests and at celebrations.

View the video of the Wedding Haka