Unusual Wedding VenuesThinking about some of the weird and wonderful stories that abound about weddings, especially venues and themes gets us thinking sometimes of how on earth we would capture them on film.

Naturally, if we were on dry land it would not be a bother to us but underwater filming is not in our remit yet and so far we have not learned to scuba dive. People are always looking for something unusual to do at their weddings or an unusual venue.

People have used McDonald’s, department stores, hot air balloons and beaches and these are among the more sane weddings. We thought we would share some unusual wedding venues if you were short of inspiration!

Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland and his bride, Helga, found one place that had not yet been used for an exchange of wedding vows – the North Pole!

The wedding party gathered together on the Russian Barneo ice base, and then took a helicopter to the pole, where the actual wedding took place. The bride wore a white silk wedding gown and the groom traditional Norwegian wedding attire. There was a cross of skis, candles, champagne, and fireworks, all of which were scheduled. What was not scheduled was the appearance of British explorer Mark Wood!

This Arctic wedding crasher was skiing to the North Pole to raise awareness for climate change, but instead found himself among the wedding guests. This was one wedding crasher not turned away at the door and Wood was invited to join the party in a champagne toast and to watch the fireworks.

A parking garage in Miami is the hottest place to hold a wedding although it parks cars by day. Admittedly architect designed by the designers of the Beijing Olympic stadium and the Tate Modern, it is not a run of the mill multi storey and has a grand sweeping staircase for dramatic bridal entrances and picturesque exits. The venue offers 360-degree views of Miami and sky high ceilings with embedded artwork in the walls. Trendy and popular there is no shortage of parking for the guests.

We loved this fun idea from a Japanese paint firm and would have a great time filming their idea of teddy bears shot from guns parachuting down in the reception! It has become a custom in Japan for wedding guests or the bride and groom to fire small teddy bears from a teddy gun after brides began to throw a teddy bear instead of their wedding bouquet. These small stuffed bears then gently glide down to earth with their own parachute. The teddy gun is a great confetti alternative and would liven up the dullest wedding reception.

However, things could get somewhat heated with teddy bear wars between family factions but we still think it is fun!

We always rise to the challenge of an unusual wedding venue so welcome couples to come and discuss their requirements with us so we can produce the perfect memento of a day in an unusual venue that obviously means a lot to the bride and groom.