Lighting is important in a wedding videoThe life of a wedding videographer is usually a happy lot, we get to see regularly romance, true love and families and friends uniting for one special day for two special people. Our part to play is to capture these magical moments for posterity and to give you a memorable wedding video. We like to meet with our wedding couples to try to avoid some situations that can make filming a life difficult and could affect the outcome of the wedding video.

There are certain things that need considering on your wedding day to ensure the perfect wedding video. We have put together this little group of things to avoid if you can to ensure your wedding video is exactly as you dreamed of.

We need to know the position of where the ceremony is taking place and you will be standing so we can adapt our filming accordingly. For example, if you decide to say your vows using a big window as a backdrop overlooking a lovely landscape, it seems like a great idea that would look beautiful on film. The problems begin when the sun suddenly comes blazing through the window and us videographers have to madly adjust our lenses so you do not end up as a silhouette. If we know what to expect we can film accordingly. When we meet with you we can discuss this kind of issue and plan ahead for the day itself.

Be aware of your lighting scheme at the reception and try to make sure you have lighting at your top table. Yes, we do have lighting on our cameras but would prefer not to be shining a spotlight in your face throughout the wedding reception. Candlelight is wonderful but if it is too dark for the reception guests to see your faces, there is not a lot the camera can do to capture what is going on.

If we have to film from a distance, which can be the case in some locations, we could have sound problems. Most places will have a microphone in place already for the bride and groom which is great or the wedding celebrant will be miked but other locations may not. In this case, we need to know so that we can mike the groom otherwise your precious vows may not be heard

Finally, please do not forget to smile! This is your day to remember forever. You may feel nervous or stressed about everything coming together no wedding goes entirely without minor hiccups but fear not our wedding video will be seamless and flow smoothly on the final video. Just relax and celebrate the special occasion that is your wedding and then you will look back at the wedding video and smile all over again.