A Planned Wedding Dance Video RoutineWeddings are a truly special occasion and they don’t come along very often.   You’ll want to relive your wedding day over and over again and, whilst photographs do a great job of capturing so much of your day there’s no substitute for a wedding video.

We’ve had lots of reviews over the years from happy couples who’ve loved their wedding video for various different reasons but a common compliment is how comprehensive each video is.  We’ll film your whole day and provide you with a fully edited final version set to your favourite music.

With tonnes of experience filming weddings we’ll make sure we record the classic moments from your big day.  Here’s a list of some of our favourite wedding video moments that just can’t be captured in photos.

First dance

Whether you’ve spent months rehearsing a routine, taken some classes to learn a special dance or plan to freestyle on the day – your first dance will be a tender moment between the two of you that will never be repeated.


Your wedding video can capture the audio highlights from the speeches, from your Dad waxing lyrical about what an angelic youngster you were to the best man’s jokes. We can film as much or as little of the speeches as you like and include what you want. In 20 or 30 years time those spoken moments will be a tear-jerking souvenir.

Tipsy relatives

Weddings are so much fun and a real day for everyone to enjoy.  Something we love to capture is everyone letting their hair down and relaxing.  There have been some priceless moments over the years and a little champagne certainly helps to bring out the voyeur in people.

Confetti throwing

This is so much better on video than in the photographs!

Messages from guests

We’re happy to work around guests and ask them for a couple of words about the bride and groom. This can make a great addition to videos and – like the speeches – it’s a memory you’ll treasure in years to come. The mannerisms and voices of loved ones will be with you forever.

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