wedding hellEver had one of those nightmares in which just about everything that can go wrong does? Perhaps you’ve had such a nightmare about your wedding day. Well for poor old Peter and Michelle Rogers this nightmare became a shocking reality. From a lengthy wait in a pub to the wrong vows being delivered, their special day went from bad to worse.

Having paid a whopping 4,500 pounds for the ceremony at the Dovers Discovery Centre, a service offered by Kent local council, their wedding day began as it was destined to go on. Having organised the wedding ceremony to begin at 2.45pm, they were made to wait a full two hours as the registrar simply forgot to turn up, instead taking the time to walk her dog!

To make matters worse, the groom who had turned up a mere 15 minutes early was told to get out by a member of staff as the venue had not been prepared. 30 minutes passed before the couple were informed about the dog-walking registrar, and they were then told they would have to wait a further two hours before another official turned up. Yet the problem now was that this registrar had brought along the wrong vows and the wrong music. The registrar even managed to call the bride by another name during the ceremony. Many would have felt compelled to call the whole thing off, but Peter and Michelle bravely carried on.

Due to the unexpected delay, the ceremony finished way after the sun had set, meaning the newly-weds would have to do without any wedding photos or even a wedding video recorded during daylight hours. While the money paid to Kent County Council included further services such as the wedding dress, suits and dresses worn by the page boys and girls, flowers and a cake,the whole episode was completely ruined by the blunders offered up on the big day. The couple didn’t even get a decent explanation as to why everything went so horribly wrong and have understandably filed for compensation. Surely the least they deserve.

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