Wedding Video HerefordshireWith just 12 days to go until the Royal Wedding it’s fair to say I am getting pretty nervous. The reality is I’m still pinching myself that they asked me to be the official wedding videographer in the first place. Though it is of course an extremely proud time to be part of Wedding Video Solutions from the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.

My wife keeps reassuring me that due to the ‘fine quality of my previous wedding videos‘ and the ‘satisfaction of every single Bride and Groom I’ve ever shot for’, there was really no one else they were going to turn to. As comforting as it is to have her say that I do lie awake at night and fear the worst. It’s like that feeling you had at school going in to exam time. What if I forget my pencil case? Or, in this case, what if the batteries run out on the camera and I’ve forgotten spares? What if the microphones spontaneously combust? What if I have a seizure?? Of course these things would never happen and I am always so well prepared that if anything out of the ordinary were to happen I’m well prepared to take the right course of action. Still, it doesn’t stop me having dreams of falling on to the camera just as William and Kate are reciting their marriage vows.

However, my fears have been allayed somewhat after yesterday’s successful dress rehearsal. It went perfectly for both the Royals and myself. We shot a great wedding video and if it goes anywhere near as well on the day I and they will be more than delighted.

Since I got the job of being the Official Royal Wedding Videographer all of my friends have been asking me ‘What is William really like?’, ‘Have you met the Queen yet?’ and ‘Are the Dukes the same in real life as portrayed in the media?’. Well I can publicly answer all now: William, as with the whole family, is an absolute joy to be around, not least from point of view of a videographer as he is so used to peering down the lens of a camera. The Queen and I have indeed met and, as mother of the groom, she’s just as delighted as all mothers of to-be-newly-weds that I have met on my wedding shoots. She’s so accommodating, even making sure I had enough cups of tea throughout yesterday! And as for the Dukes, they are both splendid men and far more charming than they are given credit for. I fully expect the two of them to be amongst the last standing on the dance floor come next Friday night.

Anyway, that’s more than enough of my blabbering on about the goings on of a man lucky enough to get the gig of sole responsibility for Royal Wedding Videography. I’m just finishing the post production from the wedding filming rehearsal so that I can give you an exclusive sneak preview. It’ll be done in a few minutes and I’ll upload a snippet of the recording from yesterday’s dress rehearsal of the Royal Wedding as a comment below this post. Enjoy and wish me luck for next Friday!