A Planned Wedding Dance Video RoutineThe Cotswold stone Cripps Barn was formed in 18th century in the countryside close to Bibury in the Coln Valley. Due to its incredible location, many people visit the area to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. People come away with a sense of relaxation from the tranquil surrounding landscapes. The barn is set up to cater for many different entertaining events. Although in 1990 it was converted into one of the first ‘party’ barns, it is mainly used as a wedding venue. It is also used for other memorable events like birthday parties and large treats. People also use it simply for friends to get together, business and drinks occasions and all primarily to have a good time.

Because of its lovely backdrop and eye capturing scenery, people love spending time there. They feel so relaxed and comfortable with the surroundings and the services on offer. Cripps Barn is available for use with lots of delightful offers and packages for its guests for 11 months of the year from February to Christmas. Visitors are entertained fully by the devoted team at Cripps Cotswold Barn. Cripps offers many attractive deals such as free camping, bonfire, backup generator for avoiding power cuts and ‘Cripps Catering‘ with hot BBQ and rotisserie cooking for guests.

The major reason for Cripps Barn’s popularity is its marvelous standing as a wedding venue. As they are licensed for civil weddings you can book your wedding ceremony in the Cotswold barn itself. They have also designed a fabulous oak ceremony shelter for arranging wonderful and unique wedding ceremonies to make that special day even more extraordinary and memorable. Due to their uniqueness and ideal services they make the wedding day much exceptional and unforgettable for not only the couples themselves but also for all invited guests. Their special services, their most stylish and unique arrangements and their beautiful venue entertain the guests and couples equally. The wonderfully romantic views of the surrounding Cotswolds create memories of romance and love that will remain forever.

Another benefit of reserving your wedding ceremony at Cripps Barn is that you can continue your wedding function till late at night. Where many wedding venues get closed before midnight, here you can keep on enjoying your big memorable event with full-on music and romance until 2 in the morning. Cripps Barn in The Cotwolds, a delightful wedding venue.