A Planned Wedding Dance Video RoutineZumba, Hip Hop, whatever the dance style, most weddings have it these days. Welcome to the new wedding video must have – the surprise wedding dance. Ever since the JK Wedding Entrance Dance went viral on You Tube, featuring the bride, groom, and bridal party dancing down the aisle of the church to Forever by Chris Brown, surprise wedding dances have swept the globe with amazingly choreographed routines.

The traditional bride and groom wedding dance usually to a sentimental meaningful love song is rapidly being overtaken by alternative wedding dances much to the delight of wedding guests. This phenomenon has generated great interest not only on You Tube but also has given rise to a website www.bestweddingdances.com where you can upload your wedding dance video with a brief bio and have it rated by fans of the website. If you are looking for inspiration for your own routine, then this is one place worth looking.

This craze has resulted in an increasing amount of planning. Sometimes the bride may have a surprise dance for the groom with her bridesmaids or the groom may have his own surprise routine up his sleeve. The bride and groom may have a dance routine prepared or in fact any members of the wedding party. Dance lessons are on the increase and dance teachers have noted the increasing appetite for alternative wedding dances. With some wedding dances now taking on almost Broadway type production, as wedding videographers we need to be on our toes to capture the unexpected. If you are planning on an alternative wedding dance surprise, please give us notice so we can be set up in the right place at the right time.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a popular song for wedding dances, and One Direction’s One Thing is the latest dance phenomenon that a groom and his groomsmen performed for the bride. There are so many different videos out there but we think the following are definitely worth a look at.

  • One Direction – One Thing wedding dance
  • JK Wedding Dance – Chris Brown Forever
  • Baby Got Back – Michelle and John Brubaker
  • Thriller – The Best Wedding Thriller Ever
  • Dirty Dancing – First Wedding Dance
  • Bruno Mars – Marry You Wedding Dance by Groomsmen
  • Stuart and Rebecca’s Wicked Wedding Dance
  • Lady Ga Ga Funniest First Wedding Dance

These are just a few that we think capture the joy of a wedding day and make for some great memories. Remember when you are planning your wedding dance whether Gangam style, or street dance, let us know in advance so we can film accordingly for the best results for you.

We are off to throw a few moves ourselves so we can keep up with the action!