Oh wow…. We have now watched the short edit about 20 times – it’s more and more amazing every time!!! I love the shots of the bridesmaids and Elke in the mirror, the hairdresser’s and my smile and the best one: Marc’s expression exactly on “face” haha! Brilliant… Also the sound and colours are superb… I can’t see how you can plan a wedding without this super cool element!!

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Hi David, Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. We received the book last week, it is stunning. So we’ve also been watching the 90 minutes 🙂 summary of our wedding. It is amazing to relive the day but also to get an outsider’s peak into how everyone enjoyed themselves. You have done an amazing job in all the edits, I love all the details, effects and on the other hand the calmness of the video. We will be watching it many times over Christmas, our family and friends are dying to see it. We will be forever grateful! Quinten