Lost wedding videoThere was a really sad story earlier this week about a couple who lost their wedding video. Or rather had it stolen. Sad in two respects therefore.

A lot of people choose not to have a wedding video and then deeply regret it afterwards. But I suppose they had the choice initially. For this couple, they made the right choice but then had it taken away from them. I really feel for them.

The couple got married last weekend, October 8th, and had had an amateur wedding video recording on their own camcorder. I assume some relatives shot the wedding video, but it was the couple who took it back to their hotel after their wedding reception.

They then checked out of the hotel the next morning only to realise they’d left their camcorder behind, and on it the only record on video of their wedding day.

They called the hotel as soon as they had realised, but after a thorough search it could not be found. So, sadly it would seem their camera was stolen, and even more sad they have lost their only wedding video.

The couple have made appeals for the return of the camcorder and wedding video. The story featured on BBC local news and can be found here. It would seem very unlikely that anybody reading this would know of the whereabouts, but on the off chance you do then follow the link through to the BBC story to find out who to contact.

Wedding videos are so precious, I should know, and to lose the recording of your special day, whether shot professionally or not is extremely gutting. I really hope they get it back, and then recommend to all of their friends in future to hire a professional wedding videographer. -Not only for a stunningly professional film, but also to leave nothing regarding the wedding video down to chance!