Following on from Part Two of Life as a Wedding Videographer

wedding videographerOnce we have completed the filming of the wedding ceremony, it is time to film the wedding party and wedding celebrant at this point. A series of shots of each person and some natural filming of groups will add atmosphere to the film and make sure nobody is overlooked in this important documentary of the wedding day.

Many weddings will have a professional still photographer too. In between the wedding and the reception, the photographer will often take posed snapshots at the church or wedding venue or take the wedding party to a garden or other scenic spot for photographs. We use this opportunity to take some candid shots of the wedding party and romantic shots of the newlyweds.

While the still photographer takes charge of the photo session, we stay out of their way but film around ten seconds or so of each pose that is set up. Once the still photographer is finished, we usually ask for a few moments to do some set up shots of our own again using a variety of medium, wide and close up shots.

During this period, we will also formulate a slideshow or montage for the reception, either with a few shots from the day or else a pre-recorded and edited montage of child hood photos and record of the romance to the present day.

Once at the reception, things are more casual and relaxed and we are more intimate with filming. We will film all of the highlights like the newlyweds walking into the reception, the toasts, cutting the cake, first dances, and the garter and bouquet toss. We also get some ambient shots of the reception hall, such as the cake before its cut, the guest book, wedding invitations, the table setting, the centrepiece, and anything else that looks especially nice. If there is a wedding buffet the wedding party are filmed making their selections or dinner is filmed during service. We avoid filming people eating! Shots of the bride and groom table-hopping to meet and greet their guests are always lovely, informal, and joyful on film. Our job is to stay alert, keep filming steadily and professionally and when the day is done, we will have captured the magic of the day to transform further into a memorable keepsake of the wedding couple’s special day.

This is only the start for us and the all crucial part of editing, effects and soundtrack for the wedding video will be hours in the making for that all important end result of a special wedding video.

We hope you have enjoyed this three part “behind the scenes” look at the job of a wedding videographer. We are passionate about our work and are proud to offer our great value £995.00 wedding video package, which is the best around for the expertise of our videographers and entirely affordable even on a small wedding budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of wedding videos.