Bride thinking about her wedding video options
Many wedding couples especially in these times where value for money and affordable prices are increasingly important, are asking the question “Is a wedding video worth it?” and are thinking of opting for just a still photographer.

Wedding photography definitely has advantages. Photographers can record a hug, smile, or kiss as a lovely image stood still in time. This reason is why many couples on a budget feel photographs are all that are required to document their wedding day. Pictures are only images frozen in time. One-dimensional, they lack a back-story and sound.

To capture the true essence and activity of the once in a life time occasion that a wedding is, a wedding video has everything you need. It has taken a little time through the years for wedding videos to gain the respect and desirability they have today simply because the equipment and the untrained video camera users produced poor work that gave the wedding video a bad name throughout the eighties and nineties. When it came to the noughties, finally videography as an industry was born.

A new wave of wedding videographers with a serious technical and artistic approach to the job in hand became the norm. Wedding video producers do not see the wedding a grouping of people with cheesy smiles waving to the camera but as an opportunity to make a proper feature film or documentary using highly skilled film making techniques. Wedding videographers of this era recognise a wedding is the one special day where many people sometimes into the hundreds, from two different families and extended networks of friends and colleagues come together to celebrate the marriage of people they are connected with and love.

Therefore, the importance of a wedding videographer capturing the first kiss, the exchange of rings, the first dance, and the surprises that are sometimes interlaced through the wedding story like an unexpected beloved wedding guest or entertainer arriving from afar are the threads that tell your story. The highlights and the normal wedding activities are captured in a specialised way that will show the whole sequence of a scene that, for example, culminates in a group of people laughing with sparkling eyes. A still photographer can only capture the outcome of the laughing people beautiful as it may be, but the videographer captures the conversation, greeting of old friends and them laughing over a silly joke.

The professional videographer has a refined instinct based on years of experience to recognise situations or to anticipate exciting moments. The videographer knows that these special moments are the lifetime reminders of a cherished instant from a day that will never be forgotten.

Even if you are on a budget, do not rule out a wedding video, we offer affordable wedding video packages from £995.00 and guarantee your wedding video will be one to be an heirloom and keepsake forever.