Bride thinking about a free wedding videoSo many times, we hear that wedding couples have been offered a free wedding video or temptingly cheap wedding video package. They may have looked on the internet and found free video templates, free music, and free editing software and think for the price of a cheap camcorder, they can get a relative or friend to film their wedding day.

Obviously, it is their choice if they wish for a friend or relative to film the special day, and we appreciate that everyone is on a tight budget these days. They should bear in mind that asking a guest to film their wedding is a huge responsibility for that person and will mean they cannot participate in the wedding as a guest.

The disappointment we have seen from tearful newly weds who left their wedding video to chance is heartbreaking. They bring their DVDs to us to see if we can salvage anything and we try to oblige them by making an edit to make something appropriate from the footage. We do our best, but often the quality is too bad and another record of wedding memories turns to dust.

We understand that there is so much required for a wedding and a budget is often stretched to breaking point, but just as no wedding is complete without a cake, no bride complete without a dress, or no reception complete without food, no wedding is complete without a wedding video. Long after the wedding dress has been dry cleaned, the last of the cake eaten and the flowers wilted, your wedding video is the one sure thing you can remember your special day by, so why would you leave this to chance and rely on a free wedding video.

We have all heard of the expression “in safe hands” and it is vital to put something as important as your wedding video into safe hands. You would not put a Sunday league footballer in goal at the world cup so why would you use an inexperienced videographer for an occasion as important as your wedding day. A free wedding video is a certain way to spoil your treasured memories.

There are times when you come across some very cheap deals that may not be a free wedding video but seem too good to be true. These deals are not what they seem as this wedding video disaster proves. Nobody wants one of those!

There are a few things to bear in mind if you are considering going down the route of a free wedding video or very cheap deal and here we give you the lowdown on what you can expect when you use a professional wedding videographer.


All of our wedding videographers are highly skilled professionals with qualifications and years of experience filming weddings. We use the latest state of the art equipment and assess all of the locations to ensure we know the correct sound and lighting to use on the day. Our filming techniques are on par with any cinematographer and we create the film style in accordance with your wishes. Some couples want a romantic fantasy, others a reality, documentary style. Our editing equipment and editing skills are among the best in the business and your finished wedding video will be slick, entertaining, and joyful.


When you consider the cost of weddings these days, it will probably surprise you that our basic wedding video package costs just £995.00. We can offer this special package because of our experience and knowledge that we have invested in the very latest filming technology. On a customer level, we want your recommendations so aim to deliver a product you will be happy to talk about to others. Because of so many positive recommendations, we can keep the cost of our basic package at this price.


You will find the full costing on the main website (link back?) but here is a round up of what you can expect to pay.

Our full wedding video package is £995.00 and includes:

  • Two edits – one feature length, one short
  • Handmade DVD/BluRay cases
  • Short edit is compatible with web, iPad and Smartphones
  • Consultation with wedding videographer


  • Second wedding videographer
  • Reception coverage until midnight -£195
  • Wedding day footage projection at reception £145
  • Extra DVD copies £9.00
  • Extra Blu-ray copies £24.00

Feel free to view our wedding video samples on the website where you can see for yourself how professional and empathic these films are. We are always thrilled and delighted when our wedding couples come back to us with positive feedback. It makes our occupation one of the happiest in the world. This is why we are upset for all those couples who end up with a free wedding video that may have been filmed with all good intentions but ends up at best disappointing at worst horrific.