wedding flowersOne thing we notice when videographing weddings are the abundance of beautiful flowers and arrangements that are carefully produced for a wedding.

We always make an effort to capture the beauty of the flowers on camera as they will sadly lose their bloom and fade away if they are fresh.

Flowers are so important to a wedding and the bride’s bouquet is often the central part of the flower choices. When filming we try to capture the wedding bouquet, church flowers, reception flowers and table decorations. We know how important the roles of flowers play in any wedding video.

We have seen pure masterpieces of floral arrangements and the vibrancy and beauty of flowers is a great backdrop when we are filming. It is far better to interview relatives with a backdrop of blooms as opposed to a fire exit door!

While we do not profess to be expert florists at Wedding Video Solutions, we have seen many wedding flower arrangements so thought it may be interesting for brides to hear our thoughts. Our first tip would be to use a reputable florist whose work you have seen before to avoid any disappointments when the flowers are delivered to the church and hotel. Flowers are expensive but we have seen some very mean looking displays, where some brides have been disappointed. Make sure you know what you are getting for your money from your florist. A good florist will show you examples and quote sizes and prices of individual blooms for you so you know what you are getting

Flowers are a visual representation of the wedding theme, so they need to make an impact. We think the bride needs to decide on a few different things first when choosing her flowers:

  • The time of year
  • Wedding ceremony and reception
  • Colour scheme
  • Budget
  • Type of flowers

Autumn and winter weddings in our opinion generally look best with larger blooms and deeper colours. Stark contrasts can be dramatic (and film well!) and fit in with the time of year. Spring and summer wedding flowers are beautiful with pastel and less pronounced colours and even multi coloured arrangements. Some of the simple and dainty flower arrangements are very effective at this time of year. Naturally, wedding style has a part to play and a dainty wildflower bouquet would not fit with a formal wedding.

Flowers will fulfil many purposes throughout your wedding day. With the enormous visual impact of flowers on a wedding, they will play a part in your wedding video and be there for you to see in years to come. The wonderful co-ordination of colours, flowers, and gowns adds to the excitement and look of the wedding video and we just do not know what we are likely to see at the next wedding we attend.

What we do guarantee is a wedding video to remember with an all-inclusive package for £995.00 and the most professional high quality delivery you will see in the market place today.