Cinematic Wedding VideoA cinematic wedding video can tell the most important story in people’s lives – the story of falling in love and getting married. Everyone tells stories in everyday life as part of conversation and the story of one of the most special days in any life is the wedding day. Without cinematic wedding video, the story of your wedding day would be told through word of mouth and a few photographs.

The cinematic wedding video style captures the story of the love affair through to the wedding and sometimes beyond the honeymoon too. With the evolution of technology, it is now possible to have a small team of people filming your story.

HD, steady cams and superb sound recording equipment means your wedding can be cinema quality and will be edited during post-production to become a feature length finished article.

Cinematic wedding video is a genre that like a feature film has some artistic license unlike the documentary style, which is more simple, and report like. A cinematic wedding video may include styling such as drama, action, comedy, soundtrack, dubbing, and music and will start at the beginning with a piece about how the couple meet. The film can be made over the course of a few days and there are some things that can be practiced before the cameras roll such as the romantic kiss scene! There are opportunities for the cinematic wedding video to cover the day before the marriage, the wedding day and post honeymoon providing a proper timeline.

This type of video makes for fascinating viewing and you can discuss closely your requirements with your cinematic wedding video professional who will be experienced in all aspects of technology and cinematography and will produce your very own blockbuster complete with titles and credits. The cinematic wedding video style simply makes your videos look like what you see in the movies and you are the stars of the feature.

This style of video is a wonderful way to convey a love story. Viewers who will watch this cinematic wedding video will be deeply touched and the film will capture all of the emotions of the day. The bridal couple as leading man and lady will appreciate the beauty of the wedding day, relive, and savour every moment and every guest at the wedding. All of the details that are planned for are missed in the whirlwind of the day but the cinematic wedding video will capture all of the details you missed on the day.

There is no doubt that the cinematography techniques and the superb high quality technology available for filming plus state of the art editing equipment will make stars of everyone who appears in the feature film and will be a romantic journey that everyone will love to watch. Shorter “trailers” can be edited for uploading to social media, which can be great fun as well. Why not try cinematic wedding video and be the star of the show.