Beyonce's wedding videoThere has been a hell of a lot of coverage in the last week or so about Beyonce’s wedding video.

The pop diva released some snippets of her private 2008 wedding to Jay-Z. Beyonce’s wedding video coverage comes as part of the release of her live DVD from the Roseland Ballroom in New York in summer 2010.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had got married in New York in 2008, but the wedding was such a private affair that it was months later that the world found out. As well as including footage of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding video, the DVD also has film of Beyonce as a child and includes pivotal moments in her glittering musical career.

The DVD was released in America yesterday and will be released here in the UK and worldwide this Friday, the 25th of November. Prior to this release there were not even any photos released of the wedding, let alone a wedding video.

The wedding video clips come as part of a montage from one song recorded at the live concert. The montage lasts about four and a half minutes, and includes clips of her amazing curve-hugging wedding dress from both front and back.

So that’s surely a great Christmas gift for any fan – an intimate live DVD including footage from Beyonce’s wedding video.

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