Getting feedback from the couples I work with is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.

Here’s a lovely email I received over the weekend from Susie and Iain whose wedding I recently filmed.

Dear David,

This is the first opportunity I’ve had to contact you since our lovely
silver package full of memories, arrived last Friday. It nearly burnt a
hole in the DVD player, as we couldn’t watch it with our friends until
Sunday afternoon!! But it was worth the wait, and more. It was so
beautifully packaged and presented.

Anyway, as I’m sure many will have said before me, it’s difficult to do
justice to the work you produce, as there are not enough superlatives!
But I will try……!

However great one’s expectation, nothing can prepare you for the
experience of re living such a special day, with all the emotions, joy,
laughter, friendship, love and tears that you have so cleverly created
for us on our precious disc. It’s so wonderful to see the scenes and
moments we missed, especially so for me was seeing everyone arriving at
the church, which of course I missed.
We have now watched it three times, and so far I haven’t got through it
without crying!
You also used the music so creatively, which of course adds to the
viewing experience.
David, you don’t need me to tell what a unique talent you have, and it
must be wonderful to put it to such good use by giving such happiness to

David, I cannot think of a more special person we could have chosen to
video our wedding, I am so glad to have met you, and I hope we manage to
keep in touch, even if it’s rarely! Our thanks again for working so hard
to get the video ready for the weekend, we really appreciated it.
Love and best wishes,
Susie and Iain xx

PS. You should not describe yourself as ‘Staff’. You should be wearing
your underpants over your trousers, superman!

View Susie and Iain, the short edit

Susie and Ian the short edit from Wedding Solutions on Vimeo.