wedding video heart on fireWhen it comes to organising a wedding day, there are couples that want nothing more than a traditional wedding.

What is a traditional wedding I hear you all ask? The one we can all picture in our minds. The bride and groom arrive in their luxury cars. They exchange vows in a church set in the countryside, surrounded by their loved ones. After the confetti has been thrown, the newly-weds head off to a cosy dinner reception with friends and family, before setting off on that dream honeymoon.

A textbook wedding. No surprises. But there are surely those of us who would like to add a bit of spice to their wedding?

Any of us who have watched Love Actually will know what I’m talking about. An impromptu rendition of ‘All you need is love’, vocals from the priest included, was the order of the day on that occasion. You’ll also remember that one of the lead characters (Mark if I’m not mistaken) was there to capture everything on his own personal wedding video. These are things you really need to get down on tape, just as our very own wedding videographer did when the Royal Family decided to break into House of Love before Kate and Wills’ big day!

But this level of wedding day creativity isn’t just restricted to the big screen. The most recent piece of matrimonial magic came thanks to a lovely piece of choreography from a brave chap called Brian who had just tied the knot to his beloved Emily in Florida. At the reception, and with the expert help of several friends, Brian surprised Emily with a meticulously rehearsed performance of Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Baby’. With the moment captured perfectly on their wedding video, a four minute clip was posted on Youtube (already with close to 2 million views) and consequently retweeted by Justin Bieber himself, to all of his 16 million followers!

Of course there are those of us who would prefer our wedding to be kept private. Not everyone wants their most intimate wedding moments shared with millions of strangers! But with or without such surprises and youtube uploads, one thing is for certain….we all want a quality wedding video to be able to look back on what is one of the most special days in any of our lives. So whether or not you are planning to serenade your loved one with song and a dance, or if you are just planning a classic textbook wedding, be sure to check out the services offered here at Wedding Video Solutions….we promise to capture every moment, surprises or no surprises!