mountain wedding videoWe have filmed weddings at some unusual destinations but a recent wedding took place in America on a mountain peak involving some of the wedding party and a very game wedding videographer who filmed the entire ceremony. This unusual wedding is just one of many where bridal couples feel the need for something different based on hobbies or themes.

Bob Ewing and Antonie Hodge Ewing, are avid rock climbers who took their passion for the sport to new heights this month when they scaled their favourite mountain dressed in full wedding regalia to say, “I do.” On a previous occasion, the couple has journeyed to Seneca Rocks to climb their favourite route, Ecstasy. Bob Ewing used the occasion to pop the question. Antonie said “yes” and declared she wanted to be married at the top of the mountain.

On Aug. 10, the couple returned to Seneca Rocks and made the 900-foot climb to the South Peak summit, where they said their marriage vows. It was substantially harder for the bride to climb with a wedding dress than for the groom in is tuxedo. They made it up and down the mountain. The game wedding party included the officiant, the bride’s mother (herself a climbing instructor), the videographer, and assorted guests all wearing wedding finery.

They began the climb at 6.15am and were back at home by 3pm. The couple made it up and down the mountain safely and made history as the first couple believed to have climbed and gotten married on the South Peak summit all while dressed in wedding attire.

The photographer also a member of the wedding party climbed an adjacent peak in order to capture breathtaking shots of the vows being said. Bob Ewing’s parents and the rest of the couple’s family and friends who did not make it up the mountain celebrated the wedding the next day in a second ceremony and reception. The reception was not usual either, swimming, hiking and games were the order of the day at this most unusual of weddings.

Imagine the scene at the reception for the guests who did not climb the mountain, a beautiful film of the vows set in a spectacular natural setting. Something not only will the bride and groom remember but also something, the wedding guests will not forget either. This is what a wedding video is all about, something to remember and cherish. Imagine the grandchildren watching that wedding video!! We are all for going along with whatever the wedding couple want and will do or best to accommodate any situation.

We are quite prepared for the challenge so wherever you are thinking of getting married, come along and have a chat with us about your unusual wedding video ideas and locations and we can discuss the practicalities and options with you.